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Originally Posted by Merl View Post
Jim Minion and I worked hard to get the Board to begin using judging slips with definitions, as well as comment cards. The Board would only allow it as a test program in 07. Jim, Linda, Mike, Merl and Don were the "Test Reps". As part of the test, we utilized post contest surveys. (more than 750 surveys were received and) the results were as follows:
98% of all surveys retruned by CBJ's wanted the comment cards
92% of all surveys returned by cooks wanted the comment cards.
However, the Board voted to not continue the comment cards into 08.
From the Novemeber 08 Board Minutes:
Jim Minion made a motion to use all comment cards in 2008. Votes were as follows: Gray-no, Kirk-no, Ownby-yes, Tuttle-no, Lohman-no, Lake-no, Whitebook-yes, Black-no, Minion-yes, Harwell-yes, Mullane-yes.

FAILS 6 NO to 5 yes

I'd like to see the "comment cards" from the board members who voted NO when all people with skin in the game (cooks and judges) wanted them! Why not? What's the harm? I'm with Sled on this one - a number doesn't tell us what we can do to improve... Frustrating.
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