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Originally Posted by Plowboy View Post
What ever happened to the discussion of an individual cooking on two teams at the same contest?

AKA Plowboys 1 & Plowboys 2 - Randy and I enter as two teams, but cook both together and double up on the entries. Currently, that is legal. Odd, but legal as long as there are two separate spaces and two separate cookers.
Does this really cause an issue? Twice as much entry fee, twice as much meat costs, more equipment... I personally wouldn't really have an issue with this. I mean if you guys always had separate teams, and gave each other advice... shared tips whatever... not a lot of difference.

We have a NEBs meeting every month... we always have a membership report. Sometimes its as simple as 4 new members, 20 renewals, 10 moved to inactive, paypal was used by 15 people. We currently ahve 330 memebers, last year at this time we had 275. I'd think KCBS would have something like that... guess not.
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