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Default KCBS JUNE Agenda

June BOD Agenda

June 9, 2008

WEDNESDAY, June 11, 2008

Proposal for KCBS to provide sanctioning services and providing infrastructure services to the Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN) and its membership beginning January 09 Motion by Wayne Lohman

Member to address the Board concerning discipline of teams, to provide information concerning suspensions.



Discussion concerning auditing requirements for KCBS and future management letters, as well as discussion of cost and frequency.

Review of past contest

Sanctioning Request

Sanctioning Tana Shupe
Review of Organizers Handbook and Sanction Request Form

Committee Reports

Rules Rod Gray No Report

CBJ Ed Roith No Report

Contest Rep Carol Whitebook
Report on the CBJ verification program by Contest Reps.
Report on the RAT test and use as a training tool for all

Report on Official Clock issues.

Education Paul Kirk No Report

Marketing Troy Black Marketing Update - McCloud

Membership Steve Ownby No Report

Mentoring Tana Shupe No Report

New Ideas Merl Whitebook
Motion requiring Contest Reps to register non sanctioned contest and KCBS licensing for 1st time non sanctioned contest.

Research & Development Linda Mullane
Motion to establish a contest audit procedure and random contest audit procedures.

Technology Don Harwell No Report

Old/New Business
Proposal from Axcet for Human Resource Services
Proposal by Carol Whitebook to place on the July agenda a review of each committee’s goals and their mid year application to this years strategic plan for KCBS.

Review of Conflict of Interest Policy as to Paul Kirk, Tana Shupe and Troy Black

Motion regarding Board Members discussing matters of the board on public forums (BBQ Forum) before the KCBS Board has even discussed, seen, or heard of a matter or issue. Motion by Steve Ownby

Motion concerning the CBJ verification program requiring CBJ’s to show their KCBS ID card at a contest at check in. Motion by Steve Ownby

Motion concerning international sanctioning. Motion by Tana Shupe.

Discussion of Trade Mark Application and Examining Attorneys objections, re: memo from T Steffens of the Polsinelli law firm.

Any other matter that may come before the Board
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