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Originally Posted by ComputerMike View Post
If the nipples thread in clean do you need to weld them?
Originally Posted by smokinvic View Post
Hey Norco, do you think the nipples can be brazed on with some silver solder sticks as opposed to welding on? Just wondering.....
They thread in nicely. I weld them because some day the cap will seize due to heating, cooling and general rust and unscrew nipple. I am going to post other options in a link from thread. Swamp , Bub, WHO are contributing to info. I want to make a clean flowing tutorial on basic build with links to alternative methods.

Actually a spot weld or a simple braise is all that is needed. It is not to seal, just keep from backing out. I weld because I can. Matter of a fact i owe a lot of Brethren for their votes that won me a Miller welder.

Got to cook for girl scouts plus work so may not add much this weekend. Oh wait MIL in the house, I can snooze at work.
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