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Originally Posted by Blutch View Post
I bought some 1/2 inch conduit nuts, but the threaded part of the pipe nipple is tapered and the conduit nut will only thread on so far.. it is very thin too and won't snug up to the side of the drum. Do I have the right piece of hardware?

Doing a THIRD burn in my drum today.. picking up a used weber kettle tomorrow for $30. I hope the lid fits on my drum..

I felt I should do a third burn because I still have paint and lettering on the side. I tried burning it off with my propane weed torch, but I think my torch is defective... While i was trying to burn it off, flames started coming out the side of the torch head as much as out the front and the 'blaster' thing doesn't do anything anymore. I had enough flame to light some charcoal, but it took a lot longer.. any ideas on how to fix this torch? I knew I shoulda bought the more expensive one with the igniter. *sigh*

If You hold the torch too close to the barrel the torch heats up and they ignite like that, also if you hold it too close with the self igniters you melt the elements. We use the same torches in the asphalt bussiness!!!!!!
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