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Norco's opinion is great. I want to second it. When I did the Team UDS build couple of weeks ago KISS was the mantra of the build. Two guys had no low and slow experience one had a little.
8 bolts, nuts and washers
handle of your choice
2" pvc male adapter and 6 or 7" of pvc pipe
Fire grate and cooking grate for weber 22.5 " kettle
rebar tieing wire
expanded metal 6 or 7" X 48"
Temp gauge for the side
flexible magnets 2 of the guys used credit card magnets they recieved in the mail
drill 8 holes, three for the air intake three for the cooking grate support 2 in the lid for handle and hanger
Temp control has been great. all drums have a sweet spot for temps. On these drums it is easy to find.

Weber 22.5"
Weber Smokey Joe
UDS is done and cooking
UDS #2 is done and cooking

I BBQ because it is just so PRIMAL
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