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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by rookiedad View Post
wow this is a very nice idea! being a barber, i naturally wanted to do the shaving of said heads but being it is in milwaulkee... oh well. but i would like to offer my services to this cause so i will cut, style and do shaves for any long island Brethren and their families (or elswhere if they want to make the trip to the shop) with all proceedes going to Baby Carmella! so... who's shaggy?
pm me for appointment and location!
I am but I may wait another month before I get a hair cut just for the fark of it....

Originally Posted by Yakfishingfool View Post
You do know that often eyebrows don;t grow back....Phil shaving his head....mmmmmm...redundant isn't it. But a$$ and back would be hilarious!!!! Let me get another item or two for the auction. Scott
I said cut not waxed....

Originally Posted by chinesebob View Post
Divemaster - you are so going down! That is just dang funny.
I can feel the love bro... Just all warm and fuzzy inside....

Originally Posted by chinesebob View Post
Tx - Never met you, can't say - but have you told your wife yet?
I told my GF... Her comment was "What, are you stupid?!?!"... My reply was "Yup, guess I am."

She is warming to the idea... I told her not to worry, Phil can't pull this off....
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