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Originally Posted by zabor16 View Post
My first drum is finished and in the process of being seasoned.

The pictures.
1) The original drum.
2) After the burn out (had to do this twice, once with a weed burner and a second time with some hardwood firewood I had from a camping trip)
3) After the wire wheel.
4 & 5) Rubbed with peanut oil and ready for seasoning.
6) The finished drum.
7) The proud father of his first drum!

She is holding steady at 310 for seasoning. Probably let her go a few hours. I want to thank everyone on this forum for all their input and help. I have no doubt this is not going to be my only UDS, just my first!
Quick question, what did you use on the intake to regulate the flow of air? I can't make out what you used from the pictures. I'm making one of these soon and have purchased 1/2" nipples and simple ball valves for the bottom, but your's looks a lot cleaner. Thanks
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