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Default One Final Challenge.


Our last auction raised over 3 grand for smoke-n-my-i. Amazing...

I have one more challenge for us, which puts my pride on the line. So this ones a favor. This auction led to something that I spewed out... beating my chest when challenged. I may have overstepped my bounds and put my foot in my mouth.. But I have faith.

I bid on a baby Blanket that JPW23 put up for Auction and I promised to send the blanket to Baby Carmella. Baby Carmella is BBQ Mafia and Mrs. Mafias little girl that was born on April 1 with a birth defect that has kept her in the hospital for the first 2 months of her time here. She is still in the hospital and they keep us up to date in this D&R thread.

At bidding time for the blanket, i was challenged to a bidding war for 'best uncle'.

Best Uncle?? Pfffttt.... I declined the bidding war.. it was small beans.

Instead, I offered an alternative.

If we can raise $1000 dollars to start a trust fund for Baby Carmella
my opponent will shave his head and eyebrows in public, video taped and put on youtube.

The counter offer was
$1000 dollars for a shaved head
$1250 dollars for a shaved and Beard
$1500 dollars for shaved head, beard and eyebrows.

They offered a full waxing for $2500,
but based on no pictures didn't happen
I declined. I dont think we want to see those photos.

The shavings will be done at the Chili cookoff on July 12 to benefit the Milwaukee Childrens Hospital, video taped and put on Your tube. The funds go to the parents of Carmella, from us, to start a trust fund.

The opponents: DiveMaster and TxScutte. They are willing to loose the lox for Carmella.

If we come through, they loose their follicles and get to look like me. If we dont make it?? Well.. I dont want to think about that.

I open up with $100 (and the blanket, which i won the bidding on)
Believe it or not, TxSchute sold off Lola for $130 and added it to the pot so we are at $230 already and have until July 12 to make the goal.

We can do this thru more auctions or just pledges. Any new auctions opened from Sunday 6/1 will go to this cause and once we fill bill in, i will split the forums and clean things up. We have until July 12 and I hope we can pull it off, I know its asking for more after everyone was so generous for Bills auction, but that is what led to this one. We need less than $800 dollars in 6 weeks. I'm gonna start looking for more stuff to auction.

thanks guys..

BTW, the Mafias can no longer see this forum for now, but they have been so busy with Carmella, i don think they even know.
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