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My Recipe for Carnitas is a little different and a lot easier... and gets rave reviews even from the home-boys:

1 can coke
1 can carbonated orange drink
1 large onion peeled and thinly sliced
5 lb or more pork shoulder roast cut in to roughly 2" cubes
pinch of whole oregano
1 jalapeno pepper

lay onions, garlic and Jalapeno in bottom of crockpot
layer pork chunks, putting in a good generous sprinkling of salt at each layer
Once crock is filled, pour coke over the whole thing and cook overnight on low, the next morning pour Orange soda in and let it go a few more hours.

take the chunks out and set them on a baking dish with a paper towel on the bottom, bake @ 225 or so for about an hour, until they get a little "crusty"
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