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Default Plateau??????????

Got a brisket going in my UDS for it's first long smoke. I'll admit I don't have a ton of experience with brisket, as this is probably only the 6th or 7th one I've ever cooked. It's been going for nearly 8.5 hours with the UDS holding steady between 230 - 235*.

A few hours ago the internal temp on the flat was up to 185*. I've had some plateaus where it's held a steady temp for a few hours, or even dropped one or 2 degrees, but usually it comes at a lower temp. After holding steady at 185* for nearly 30 minutes, this one has dropped to 178* for a few hours then gone back up to 179*, then in the last 15 minutes back down to 178* and now 177*.

Has anyone ever experienced a plateau with this much of a drop? I haven't tried inserting a probe to test for doneness yet, but I'm thinking maybe I should.

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