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Originally Posted by SoEzzy View Post
The flat tends to not be as moist as the point when you cook them, due to the extra marbling in the point. But as FatDaddy says better IMO to buy a packer and cook it whole, than pay the extra for just the flat.

There are plenty of good uses for the point beyond just sliced brisket, and at $1.38 / lb round here for a packer, and $3.28 / lb for flats, I'd prefer to buy a 14 lb packer for $20.00 than a just under 6 lb flat, for the same money.
I agree with you on cooking the flats, they're not as moist.
I tried an experiment 2 weekends ago. In the WSM I put a 6# flat (2.59 per lb, on sale) at on the lower rack and a 5# chuckie above it on the upper. I cooked it at an even 225-230 (was concentrating on keeping the temps consistent). The flat was being basted by the rendered fat in the chuckie. I took it to 165 foiled it and removed it at 195. It was as juicy as any of the point on briskets I've done.
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