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I would just get a whole packer brisket. point/flat still together. The flat is the part that most slice and serve. the point is fattier and takes longer to render it all out making it ideal for making burnt ends. I refuse to pay more money for a brisket flat when i can get the whole brisket for the same price. I cook mine to about 160 -165* in the flat then wrap in foil maybe pour a little beer or something in to help keep it moist. double wrap and back on the cooker till it hits 190-195* in the flat or the probe slides in like it would in warm butter. then into the cooler for a few hours. take it out and slice across the grain. it should be nice and tender. Ill cut the point off across the fat line in the brisket. either chop it up and freeze it or cube it up with some more rub and back in the smoker for burnt ends.

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