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thanks guys, the smoker is awesome. our chicken was sliced lengthwise and we got 11th place, ribs 11th place, pork 12th place and brisket 5th place, finishing 10th overall. the pork and brisket weren't as dry as they looked. the brisket tasted great. we were very happy with our food all things considered. i have been trying not to foil the ribs but they are getting dark at the end of cook time. i couldn't believe how the time at turn in time flies by. thankfully my family was there to help out. the kids had a great time and were so excited about getting our name called (so was i). my 6 year old daughter looked at me and snarled daadddy when they were calling out the winners and said this was the last catagory(brisket) because we had not been called. i told her i was sorry and tried my best. she got the biggest smile when they called us. she took the trophy to school for show and tell. thanks again for all the kind words. we're hooked and can't wait for the mt.vernon,il contest.
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