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Originally Posted by Sawdustguy View Post
Muscle fibers???? Where are muscle fibers? The following brisket was slightly over cooked and looks very similar to the brisket the poster pictured. While not a great box it scored 2nd to Ique at last years Rock n Ribfest. I just don't see it Vinny. However, I commend you on judging the meat without being influenced by the garnish. Thats the way it should be judged and is the way I was taught at my CBJ class.
Guy - What I mean is that when I look at a slice of brisket and determine if it "looks" appetizing, one of the things I consider is how tender/tough, moist/dry tough it "looks". Tom me, the brisket in question "looks" like it could have been cooked longer and may require a knife to break the meat apart rather than be able to pull it apart somewhat easily by hand or chew off a piece easily.

Two people can look at the same entry and see two totally different things. That's what makes competing in BBQ contests somewhat of a gamble.

You're 2nd place brisket looks good, but it's probable that the same brisket could have not placed as well at a different judges table.
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