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Originally Posted by BBQ_Mayor View Post
I got to thinking this morning looking at some of the past contests this spring. Seams like there have been a few new teams getting GC. I've been doing comps for about 5 years and am still waiting for my turn.

Got a few questions for you GC teams.
1) What does it feel like?
2) What do you think your biggest differance was to get you that GC? (from all your other attempts)
3) How long did you cook before you got your first GC.

I thought would be fun to see some of your answers.
I think - kinda like Kick -- it varies. I've won several unsanctioned events, I've been a part of the HoDeDo machine when they have won (Box runner for the guys as a kid), But over time - that stuff has not mattered as much... the longer I cooked on the KCBS contest scene, the more I wanted a win there - amongst my mentors, idols, etc. It isn't just about getting a GC, it is about winning against all the folks I know and respect.

I would say the best GC experience I had - was this year at Pleasant Hill... I can't even explain it - I'm at a good friend's contest, able to support him. I'm cooking with another good friend, breaking in his new rig. And I am competing with a TON of friends and strong competitors. To win there with Todd... I can't even tell ya all the stuff running through my head. Mark H ( Great Grills) told me - just to breath in and out, let the emotions flow, and just take it all in. It was very emotional for me. I've had a couple reserves this year, and they feel good too -- but once you get the GC, after the high wears off ( a couple weeks later) you start trying to get to that second one!!!!

This is my 7th year cooking completely on my own. -- I would say the biggest difference is frequency of cooking.... Last year I ended up cooking 18-20 contests. I practiced all winter, and I cook during the week. Cook, cook, cook..... that is the difference. I spent the last 24 months making the cooking almost routine. Then it was just what I equate to "fine tuning"...
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