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Default It's Alive! I present to you...FRANKENWEBER!

I got tired of waiting for a decent Weber Performer to pop up on Craig's list, and didn't want to pay for a new one, so I got creative. Last week a Performer popped up on CL and the guy agreed to sell it to me, then he sold it to someone else out from under me . So the same day there was a listing for a free gasser about 5 miles from my house. Long story short, the gasser was a POS Char Broil that was not only not cared for, but they had burned charcoal in it and the burner was full of ash .

I salvaged the side burner from it and mounted it on the Char Griller to light my chimney's with, and junked the rest. Then I got to thinking, why not build my own custom Weber. So I cleaned up the former Char Broil cart and repainted with High Temp. I had an old cast iron double burner camp stove that I mounted with 6 inch bolts, and added a 12 inch aluminum baking pan under as a catch pan. I used the old side shelf wood from the Char Griller on the right side, and mounted a second shelf underneath it for the chimney. Last I made a shelf out of 2x4's for the Weber and covered the top with aluminum flashing sheet (hot coal on wood mod), and cut the legs on the Weber down. I also stabilized the Weber with some stainless 3 inch hooks that are mounted in the sides of the kettle, and hooked onto the cart.

Total cost was $12.69 for some hardware to mount the Weber and the camp stove/side burner. Even adding in the cost of everything I already had (grill, camp stove, etc.) it was about $100 for the whole project.

It looks a little hillbilly, and needs a good coat of paint, but I am very pleased with the result. Everything is very solid, and I plan to put it on the porch with pride

A full shot of the (almost) finished project
1. Full Shot.JPG

Second full shot...
2. Full Shot Ground Level.JPG

Side Burner ready to fry some bacon...
3. Side Burner.JPG

Shot of Side Burner with pan mounted underneath...
4. Side Burner 2.JPG

The Weber with legs cut and SS hooks in side holding it in place...
5. Weber Full View.JPG

The support shelf with aluminum flashing on the top to avoid hot coal burn
6. Short Legs and Shelf.JPG

The side shelf with the reused Char Griller wood painted...
7. Side Shelf.JPG

The under shelf made from the original side shelf wood and a couple of brackets
8. Extra Shelf.JPG

Rear view, shelf side...
9. Rear View.JPG

Rear view, burner side...
10. Rear View 2.JPG

FrankenWeber LIVES!
11. Full Shot 2.JPG
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