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Originally Posted by jpw23 View Post
DO you heat the plank up first or does it all go on at the same time?
Here is how the Elders (well, my own twist on how the Elders cook on a plank).

Take a side of salmon. A 'lean' salmon like Coho works better than a 'fatty' salmon like Chinook. And never EVER use farm raised Atlantic salmon.

Make a rub of brown sugar, white sugar, salt and a bit of pepper.

Liberally rub the flesh side of the salmon with the dry ingredients and place in a glass dish (in my case - a LARGE glass dish) for about 12+ hours.

In the meantime, go out to the woods and get some cedar or alder. But since I don't live in Alaska any longer - I head to the local Home Depot for cedar.

Cut a length of wood to just fit onto the grill or fish (whatever is smaller) and soak.

Wash any remaining rub off of the salmon.

If using cedar from Home Depot instead of a SE Alaska rainforest - put the salmon skin side down on the non-splintered side of the plank.

Get the grill blazing hot, put the wet cedar & salmon on the grill and cover. If at a tailgate party, the smoking salmon will attract people from across UW Lot 60 or the Carousel Campground at Road America.

Dependinig upon the thickness of your filet - cooking time will be about 15-30 minutes.

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