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You have come to the right place

if you check below you will find the UDS show room

now I must warn you, although no one is trying to sell you anything ...

the UDS is a gateway to smoking , and once you take that step you will forever be changed ....

The UDS can be a top performing Smoker, Do not mistake the fact that with only:
  • some simple tools ( power tools help but are not required )
  • some rudimentary assembly skills (not much more than needed to assemble your gas grill )
  • Between $20 - $100 (dependent on you ingenuity and scrounging skills)
  • you can build it yourself
The UDS is no junk or poor mans toy.

You will quickly know, if smoking / BBQing is just a passing interest or a growing addiction with out investing more than you might spend on a nice dinner

if it is either of the two, the brethren here will support you on your quest for the Q

There is a high probability that once you assemble your first UDS you will be drawn into what real Q is about and you will spend a lifetime and large sums perfecting it.

all I can offer besides the forgoing disclaimer is that with a decent "rig" that fits your budget and allows you to get smoking / BBQing quickly and well. you will find your balance and may move to more expensive and feature packed rigs - many of the best smokers available have representatives / dealers / users that are regular contributers to this forum.

you can't go wrong with a building a UDS, you may always use it or you just might end up with a monster rig that is the envy of smokers near and far.
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