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Angry I'm Fatty Failure ...

I know, with my bags packed and on the road to being a Farker, that I have learned what a fatty is .... but knowing what one is and making a decent one are two different things.

I stand before you naked, fatty in hand asking for advice
( knowing that the odds are this may end up in the woodpile oh so quickly)

I've made a couple attempts at fatties,
  • first with just a plain old JD tossed on the grill - sawdust , dry , but smoky.
  • second a JD with rub sprinkled and watched the time a bit better - not as dry and had some flavor to it.
neither were something I'd rave about or expected..

NOTE: I love paddy type breakfast sausage , so i was very disappointed with the results. I normally buy the Farmer John ones , but went with JD due to the seemingly larger preference here ...

SURELY there has got to be some method , step, or something I'm missing here - I expected a smokey, juicy , flavorful , explode in my mouth experience - not something akin to chewing on a foam rubber ball.

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