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Default kids q

Here are my thoughts. Caleb, my 8 year old son, was ranked quite well last year. I, his dad, was accused of cooking his hamburger for him.
This is not true, he has cooked more hamburgers all ready this year than i have cooked BBQ.

At the Hermann MO contest, they make everyone come up and cook on a grill in front of the judges. He didn't do too well there, so he said that he did not want to do Hermann because he was not cooking on his grill (and I can see his point )
It would be like someone giving us a new smoker that we have never cooked on and telling us to do the best you can. We, as the cook, would hate it.

My thoughts on how to equal this out fairly.

Have kids q one hour before KCBS turn in, and have a judge at each kid q camp just to watch over the whole cooking process. Then walk the kid into the tent with their presentation. This judge would then be required to sit at another table so as they would not be tasting the same hamburger they watched being cooked.

Your thoughts?
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