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I was frustrated when I wrote that earlier post. I could have worded my comments better.

In most venues, this forum being the sole exception I've encountered, newcomers are strongly encouraged to search and read before asking questions. And for good reason. Much can be learned that way. Lazy newbies who can't be bothered to search annoy the regulars.

My initial motivation for joining a forum is usually to gain access to the search function and the ability to view attachments. Joining here felt like a bait and switch. Welcome to the forum, but now to get much practical use out of it payment is required upfront. That strikes me as totally backwards. Usually, the value obtained from a site/forum over time inspires one to donate. Requiring a fee in advance for such basic functionality is a pay site approach. Different strokes for different folks, but had I known that was the deal I probably wouldn't have registered.

I think someone mentioned boolean searches, perhaps implying that a simple single word search is possible. Nope. Non-subscribing members apparently have no searching ability here at all with the exception of the FAQ searchbox. I can't even pull up my previous posts or look up threads I've posted in. I find that to be an extremely frustrating environment.
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