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Originally Posted by flyingbrass View Post
I'm new here. You probaby won't like my opinion.

I have several years experience co-administrating a rather large vBulletin-based forum that depends entirely on donations to pay the bills. I'm familiar with the tech side and server requirements and prices.

The question in the thread title was do I like this site. My answer is a qualified yes. I like the information and friendliness I've found here, but I refuse to be coerced into buying a "subscription" merely to be able to conduct simple search. I've resorted to using a Google search of the publicly available portions of this site:
I'm sure the experience you have with other groups is massive. However,on the web, this is the only place I can go to laugh hysterically, weep, get advice on anything, and get pointers on some damn fine food. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I pay not just for recipes, I pay to be part of something great. Something I believe in.
I'm sorry you feel "coerced". Not anybody's intention.
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If you really care about this place, you'll show some respect for it.

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