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Default WSM arrives today.... maiden voyage tomorrow

OK so it arrives today. I dont think I will get a smoke on tonight as I have previous dinner plans.

But the plan for tomorrow is pork butt - 8lbs as I love left overs. Im having a friend come over to help wire the garage so he will be staying for dinner.

Im going to try some ABTs, with shrimp inside wrapped in bacon? I got some large shrimp 8-12/lb which are obviously too big for the Jalapenos, but will cut them down and place a good sized chunk in each one. Since Im not a huge fan of Jalapenos Im going to butterfly some of the shrimp on for me, stuff with cream cheese and chives and wrap in bacon.

first real voyage down the path of Q enlightenment. Hoping the shrimp ABTs come out as good as I hear all the rest.

any suggestions? Words of encouragement? I gotta make this right as I have been bugging the wife for a month about this WSM, and smoking on the weekends.
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