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Two options, you can buy the cure pre-made, or make your own. Hign Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure is the brand to search for if buying. If making your own, the recipe is equal parts Morton Tender Quick and Brown Sugar.

Take a boneless Boston Butt and cut into 3 1/2" thick pieces. Or, buy some Shoulder Cut Country Style Ribs which are the same thing. For the rub mixture, you want 2 tbsp per pound of meat (that's 1 tbsp Morton Tender Quick and 1 tbsp Brown Sugar per pound of meat). The best thing to do to ensure even coverage is to put the rub/cure mix in a shaker and shake all over the meat until you have used up the right amount over all the meat. Then wrap up tight in a ziploc with all the air pushed out, or put in a vaccum sealer. Place in the fridge for 10 days, turning every day or so. After the curing process is complete, rinse of the meat under running water to remove some of the cure. I do not soak, but you can if you wish and this will remove even more of the nitrates in the cure. Then smoke at 200 until temp hits 160 internal. At this point you have buckboard bacon and can do with it what you wish.
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