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Originally Posted by JD McGee View Post
I've been thinkin'...has anyone tried putting an access panel on their drums...ala WSM? It would have helped a lot last weekend when I was having' issues burning lump in my briq basket. I've got a few more drums laying around I can chop up...I think I'll come up with a sketch and see what you guys think.
Only prob i see is that the door has to be airtite, hard to do, for any air leakage will negate the long, controlled burn time we are able to achieve.

Originally Posted by bigtex52 View Post
Nice job, HL&S! My next go, I may do the same. I built my first last weekend and can't get over how long a basket of lump lasts. I decided to let it burn itself out last night and it had other ideas about it. After burning for over 24 hrs at 230, it is still holding steady! One thing I haven't figured out, the bark on my meat isn't quite what it was on my offset. It doesn't get hard and crusty, but stays soft and moist. I have also noticed when I pull the lid to turn the meat that there is quite a bit of condensate on the bottom of the lid. Anybody else have similar things?
What are you using for an exhaust?
Are you burning to much wood or getting "bad" smoke?
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