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Originally Posted by N8man View Post
The results of this weekends experiment in Heat Distribution was, in my opinion, mixed at best. In using this big ol' hunk of steel:

to help move heat around in the chamber is both a success and a failure.
Temps were indeed more even throughout the cooking grates from end to end. Temp Spikes were almost nonexistant when I would remove the lid to tend the Foodstuffs. Temps would return almost instantly once the lid was closed. On the downside, the DrumPit took an hour to reach cooking temp. In past Cooking Sessions I normally only use the Vertical Air Intake, and it is choked from Half to a Quarter open to maintain 225*-250* for 12 plus hours, this time I ran with the Vertical Pipe and both Horizontal nipples wide open at times to maintain 230*-250*. I also burnt up 10 pounds of Charcoal and 5 Fist sized Chunks of Hickory to complete Ash!! In 9 hours!! I have never used more than 3/4 of a FireBasket full, ever. Fortunately my Brisket had reached 195* by this time, and after a rest, sliced up fine and was good.
Thanks for the update bro....sorry to hear it didn't work, thats way to much fuel for the benefits!
Keep trying guys.
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