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Default CL/Freebie score! TOO funny

This is like the old Penthouse Forum articles (remember that old guys? You know who you are!), I never thought these things were real till it happened to me,,,,,,,.

Ok so I get directions to this guy's house, I am going to get a Weber Performer for 175. 25 more than I wanted to spend, but I am getting 175 tonight for the offset, so what the hey. Off I go.
I turn into his hood and drive a ways, and there is the grill at the head of the driveway, he stuck it there so I can find him, but wait this isn't his address, hmmm. Also this one is a mess-ITS A FREEBIE GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
I go ahead and find the guys house. His Performer is pristine, so I buy it, he even has the little gas tank for the starter and a cool cover.
NOW I go back to the other cats place and knock on the door. Yep, its a giveaway.
Its the precursor to the Performer (Platinum?) with no starter bottle. The lid is bent and the lid handle is gone. Filled with leaves and mud and a rusted out starter chimney, still good, but the cart is in good shape as well as the vent and the ash catcher. Look down under and good as new is the extension ring to put the rotisserie on the kettle-100 dollar gadget for free.

I think the cart will become a cart for a drum smoker, looks like it will fit fine.

What a score. Pics to follow
I woulda gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddlin kids and your dog!
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