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Default Did a little cost comparison

Picked up a 12.2 lb packer brisket at UW Provisions yesterday. $1.89/lb. Took it out this afternoon and started trimming it.

It sure seemed like there was a lot of fat on it. I told my wife that they had trimmed flats and points there for $3.09/lb and I began wondering if maybe that was a better deal.

So when I got done trimming, I weighed the fat and there was 3.75 lbs of fat that I trimmed off. That left me with 8.35 pounds of cookable meat left. So when I divided it out, I wound up paying $2.75/lb for the cookable meat. I'm better off buying the packer.

Also, I like to throw some of the fat around the brisket and cook it. Pretty tasty that smoked fat.

Just thought I'd contribute something of value to the group, though be it marginal.
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