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OK I'm started on the gathering.
I scored a 13 in X 92 in peace of 3/4 in expanded metal and a 2 in X 92 inch length of 1/8 flat stock. that should be enough for the main basket and a smaller inner one too.

I stooped by the local drum re-conditioners and found that if you call and mention it's for a BBQ they think you mean horizontal, even if you mention otherwise. So "no we don't have any" to "will this work" was the change i wanted to hear ... Good news they have a fair number. I will pick one up Saturday. I am still tempted to go upside-down - they offered to take the bottom off a tight head drum which has the amber coating (I'm still with out a burn site ) or they said several of their closed drums have no inside coating and they would take both ends off, they have caps and rings that fit the bottoms / ends, albeit a bit loosely it seemed. What wisdom can anyone shed on this choice

I do have a MC size gas torch set but I used it only to do Air conditioning work - no welding - so I'm expecting to go bolt together all the way

HOW much noise does that harbor freight grass torch make ? these town houses are piled high and deep here - Will the Fire Dept be on the way if I fire up that torch?

perhaps I should bring a few buds (weiser) to the drum place to barter a burn out

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