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Default Another Addicted Brother Gives in to Start His First Build


For days now I have coveted they neighbors grill, as I have read this thread. Lusting over the gleaming chrome and stainless steel, I read and reread making note of measurements and ideas. Like some future olympian I learned from the best as saw them compete in the pursuit of the best smoked foods and smoker to cook it upon. The UDS gods seem to call to me, make me and I will deliver the best foods you ever made, give me your beef , pork and poultry and I will deliver you a wealth of goodness.

Smoking stars like , Norcoredneck, Big Mista , Thom Emery, JW, thirdeye,N8man, Bottles 'n Bones, Thawley, Meat Burner, Brian in So Cal, ipls3355, Scudrunr, Dr_KY, and many many others, have giving so much help in information to the masses so that even the most project challenged of us can be assured success in building our very own UDS The pictures, suggestions and advice are tremendous.

I of course have been bitten by the bug to build one, slowing gathering the parts and locating the drum are in the works. I will have to find a place for the burn out, since Iím in the same predicament as Big Mista was originally. I have a few questions that I didnít find answers to;

How much is the volume of ash left over from burning 10 to 13 lbs of kingfords?

I have seen many burn out pictures and descriptions, but no mention if the lid, how are you burning off the lid , or do you burn it?

Last question, Beer can chicken, how tall is it ( my store bought holder and a 5lb bird is nearly 11 inches) is that average? And besides a turkey what else is the tallest meat I need to consider for grill spacing .

Thanks again for such an informative thread and my new addiction.

Hook Line and Sinker
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