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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Here's the original question:
I have question on using plastic wrap on meat. What brand do you use when using plastic wrap as the initial wrap, followed by aluminum foil. Will any brand work or is there a particular kind I should buy. My biggest fear is having the plastic melt to the meat! Advise on this topic is much appreciated!
If the plastic is formulated for 300 F. ovens, fine. If it isn't, well, you've been warned. Anyway, I'll drop my advice to consider there may be consequences and will leave it up to Darwin.. But if you're interested, google "endocrine disruptors" and/or "phthalates."

Yes, phthalates bad - the major plastic wrap companies do not use phtalates in their plastic wraps (or so they say). PAH's yes (could be bad, depends on their structure), phthalates no.
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