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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
It doesnt even have to melt for there to be chemical leaching. I don't think you have to have an advanced degree in chemical engineering to understand that.

I 'd say your smoker is like an oven. I also know something about the variable chemical properties of plastic wrap and how certain chemicals can migrate out of the wrap and into the food under certain conditions. I would bet that kirklands knows it too and wants to avoid being sued over it.

And lets not overlook the obvious way plastic wrap would inhibit smoke rings; which should be enough of a reason in itself to reject the idea.
What are the variable conditions, and what does inhibiting my smoke ring have to do with it. I inhibit my smoke ring enough without having to involve plastic wrap. I don't cook in wrap, and I don't think most folks here who are planning on cooking in wrap would wrap from the beginning anyway. Sounds like the wrap when other might foil. What i am likily to do is throw something wrapped into the smoke or oven (at around 200* for the oven) to reheat.
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