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I have seen many pros double/triple wrap a brisket in food service wrap and then wrap it in foil also. In fact, i was taught this technique in several cooking classes. I personally only tried it once, and after wrestling with the wrap and having it stick to itself i gave up and will use only foil when needed.

There are wraps out there designed for oven use. Similar to the roasting bags for tukeys and the like. I cannot remember the brand I had(Yellow and blue box), but the label clearly said its good to 300 degrees in the oven. I think if you just check the labels, you'll find one you can experiment with.

Also, the plastic wraps you have seen used are likely much thicker than the regular saran wrap u get in the supermarket for covering your leftovers.

Re: The leaching issue.. who knows.. if its graded as food safe up to 300+ degrees, I would use it. I also marinade stuff in plastic bags that have no rating as food safe and Im not dead yet. In either case, thats a topic for a different thread.
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