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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Wheres the exhaust??
On my things to add yet. Was focusing on the bottom firepit barrel first...
Thinking of using Tractor trailer rig exhaust tips... with the flap baffle fixed in a 45 degree angle.

Originally Posted by Thawley View Post

Just wondering about pointing that intake straight up... Seems like it would fill up with water if left in the rain. Pointing the intake down would be an easy fix if you don't have to have the valve at waist level. Just thinking out loud.
Thanks for reminding me to add a cone vent topper. The valve was placed to eliminate the possibility (if the valve stuck out the bottom horizontally) to be a tripping hazzard or to be nudged accidentally without anyone's knowledge.

The bottom barrel will hold an extra-wide fireplace grate (found @ $30) that does have removeable sides... about 4" tall. Expanded metal will line the firegrate. (Thanks to Country HB).

Yea... my thinking is kinda expensive...
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