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Default Carolyn Wells moves into now KCBS Role

Carolyn Wells has announced she will be changing her position at KCBS. She will be Director of Public Relations.

Carolyn Wells Moves Into New KCBS Role

March 26, 2008

After more than 20 years of guiding, growing, managing and operating all things KCBS, Carolyn Wells has decided to focus on what she does best: promote KCBS as its chief ambassador.

“This is where my heart is, and it’s truly an exciting development that I embrace with both arms,” said Wells, whose official title will change from Executive Director to Public Relations Officer on April 1. “Our Society is in the midst of phenomenal growth. And now more than ever, we’ve got to focus on preparing for that growth internally as well as externally.”

Wells stated that KCBS will immediately begin looking for an Operations Director to help with the daily management of the home office and personnel, enabling Carolyn to focus more on her event and contest support in the field. Until the ideal candidate is found for this new position, Wells will continue to fulfill all of her current roles as the director of the office.

“Due to our growth, it’s simply getting tougher and tougher for one person to manage all of our membership support services, as well as our contest operations in the field,” Wells commented. “So I look forward to training an operations person in the coming months and getting him or her up to speed as soon as possible. It won’t be a quick process, but hopefully by the end of the year we can be clearly on our way to a more streamlined operation that will serve all of our constituents better.”

The ideal operations director will have substantial nonprofit leadership experience, as well as HR training and excellent communications skills. To see the requirements of the job, a pdf of the job application is available in the News Section of this web site.

“No one is more qualified to advance the vision, values and mission of KCBS than Carolyn Wells is,” commented KCBS President Mike Lake. “We are very excited about her taking on this role in an exclusive manner. How she has managed to be our chief ambassador on top of all the office duties she has been responsible for is beyond me. And it’s just not fair to her for the Board to allow this kind of pressure to continue. So we think this is going to be good for KCBS in many ways.”

Lake pointed out that the changes are coming at a very important time in KCBS’s history. In addition to record membership enrollment and contest sanctioning, the society is also embarking on its most ambitious marketing effort to date. With the launch of The Great American BBQ Tour in Rio Rancho, NM, this weekend, KCBS will now be extending its brand to the general public in a serious manner.

“We believe that KCBS is the best member-based BBQ association in the world,” commented Lake. “And we plan on promoting the reasons why that is true through this new tour. For the first time, KCBS will be able to publicly tell the story that so many of us have worked hard to be a part of, either as a team, a contest rep, a judge or simply a BBQ fan.”

To learn more about the tour or developments in the home office, watch for updates at, the official web site of America’s BBQ Experts.
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