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Originally Posted by Dr_KY View Post
Who was it that built the UDS upside sown? After cleaning mine this weekend having a removable bottom is a MUST for me! That or find a way to absorb the drippings that miss the coals.

I went on ebay and spotted a 18'' pizza pan but in keeping with the idea of lowest cost I passed on it. Any other ideas?
I remember seeing the upside down drum somewhere in this thread. My next one (notice I haven't even gotten the first perfected yet and I'm already thinking about the second ) will be like that. I tried using a 16" terra cotta saucer (the kind that just goes under a flower pot) with the charcoal basket sitting on top of it, but I think that's hindering airflow a little. I could raise the basket a little & that might work.

I considered the pizza pan idea too - still may go that route, or may make an ash removal tool out of a hoe. The upside down drum with removable bottom has to be the way to go. Remove the bottom & you can even take that to the carwash & hit it with the pressure washer.
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