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Default **The Purple Turtle Catering Company; Norwalk, CT

The Purple Turle Catering Company

Nancee Gell & Greg Hunter co head cooks/head cases
Cooked with Garry Howard a few years before going out on our own
Weekend warriors; need real jobs to pay for this hobby. Everincreasing stable of BWS and other smoking/grilling contraptions. Lots of dust collectors, not too much $$

www. (note: outdated; been skiing)

We cook all NEBS events and most northern MABBQA events;
AR maybe; BTB almost definitely. Jack not looking too good due to reduced # of contests for 2008. We will likely cook 12 contests this season plus invitationsals

We will be at Snowshoe and then down to Salisbury, MD with the rest of the crazies to freeze and drown.

Norwalk, CT is our home base so we cook both NEBS primarily but also MABBQA events


Nancee (here);; (etc usually ie info@, etc) or ask me nice and I'll give you the nextel #

We generally always need help and willing/welcoming all mentors. We let you do more than wash dishes!!! We have had some challenges due to long term team member illnesses and family issues so have not been as consistant as we might have liked. We work with the cooking and judging classes; not a lot of secrets here. Would love to get a couple of folks who want to stick around for a while and not go out and beat us too quickly!!!

We are pretty flexible. Love to get a real long term team settled in but always willing to mentor folks for whatever your goals are. Just don't leave us hanging at the last minute...Contributions always gratefully accepted but not required.
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