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If you have never sat through a KCBS BOD meeting before, I really urge you to make it a point to do so. It will answer so many of your questions.

The dynamics of this board is like a third grade playground. They line up according to their loyalties and the bullies try to pick fights and the good little kids try to get their work done. The bullies hold their breath until they can't anymore and then move onto another time wasting event. It is really all pretty silly to watch.

This is why they do not want you to hear what is going on. They sound like a bunch of idgits and they don't want you to know how big of idgits they are. This is also why they do not hold the meetings when more people could attend. Have them on Friday Nights (Saturday Nights during Comp Season) and I bet more people would show up. Of course there are some exceptions on the board and they know who they are.

And Doc, I think you had vanished into thin air in several of the board members eyes while you were still standing there. I would go to Caroline and see what she has to say.

All of this of course is just my .02 cents.
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