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Default Eggbert meets his match

Guys (and gals)... Meet Eggberta...

I saw an ad on the Chicago Craig's List yesterday evening for a BGE for sale and it was less than 5 miles from my house! After sending an e-mail to Divemaster to stay away I called the guy. He called me back this morning and my wife and I went to look at it. The CL ad said that it was a large and it had a wheeled cart so I was expecting a Nest. I've never seen a wheeled cart like this one, but it works (for now). As you can tell, it is an older Egg with the old bands and the top does not have a daisy wheel, but it is in great shape. The ring and firebox are intact and there are no chips. dings, etc. on the shell. there are a few drops of paint, but I'm sure that I can get those off. He was asking $500, we settled on $450. Probably not the best deal, but I don't have to do anything to it to use it except clean the grid.

Here are some more pics...

It also came with a bag of mesquite lump...

He bought the lump at a local liquor store. It is the strangest charcoal i have ever seen...

It is actual logs! I'm going to try it and if it burns well I know where to get more.
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