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Originally Posted by phyx View Post
Hilarious! Your boy James is an all-star! I would've done the same thing!

As for the mess all over the place, makes me glad I've got 5 gallon food grade buckets with lids.

Not BBQ related, but similar situation--I'm a bagpiper, and because I play a leather bag and not synthetic, I've got to season it every once in a while with this snotty looking liquid. So, I warm it up from its solid state to snotty state, pour it into my bag, cork off all the openings, and blow up the bag so it's nice and tight. I'm shaking it, swirling it, flipping it all over the place to make sure the seasoning gets in all the nooks and crannies when a cork (which happens to be facing the floor from about 4 feet off the ground) pops and to quote the Poobah "FARKING FWOOOOSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Chunky, snotty looking stuff all over the kitchen floor, cabinets, walls, fridge, my feet, legs, etc. I looked and sounded like 3am had-too-many-at-the-bar-and-didn't-eat-enough vomit landing all over the place. My reaction was pretty much the same...angry and dumbfounded all at once.

I've learned my lesson since.
There is the same reason I switched to a synthetic bag long ago. I used to be a purest and would only play sheep skin and cane reeds. That was until my leather blow valve gave out and I got a mouth full of seasoning. That stuff tastes like chit.

I have been very happy with my Shepard bag and Rocket reeds for about 7 years now.
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