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Default KCBS BOD March Agenda


Minutes January

Finance Committee Report

Contests Past Great Bend, KS
Fort Rucker, AL
Charleston, SC
Mobile, AL

Request Sanction Report

Other M. Whitebook: Discussion re AZ & CA issues and sanctioning contests in all 50 states by 2010

Committee Reports Rules
Contest Rep Mullane: Proposed Guidelines for Contest Rep Assignments

Mandatory Order and Procedure for Rep Assignment
Contest organizers request: The office will assign the requested rep. At no time will the office contact the organizer and try to redirect to another rep
  • Location of rep: Closer reps get first priority to curtail expenses for the contest
  • Rep request: If no closer rep is available the request of an out of area traveling rep may be honored
  • KCBS Assignment: Should a contest still not be assigned, the KCBS has authorization to assign reps in any manner they see fit. Hopefully, utilizing those who have not had as much opportunity as others to serve.
At no point should the office contact reps out of area and request /or contact the organizer to promote another rep if area reps are available

Marketing Update-MMA
New Ideas M. WhitebookThe new ideas committee in conjunction with recommendations from R&D, Technology and Reps has prepared a guide for use by organizers and other for meat inspection.

We discovered last season a team who had been using pork tenderloins for pork butts. When asked about it they told us they did not know and had used the same product since they became cooks almost 1.5 years ago.

It is apparent that we need to have a guide for meat inspectors to prevent these errors. This guide is an effort to help improve the performance of the meat inspection process. We urge the adoption of this guide for use at KCBS sanctioned contest.

Thank you for your review of this work.
Merl Whitebook
New Ideas Committee

Research & Development

Old/New Business
Book Proposal - Lampe
Conflict of Interest Policy
ByLaws Proposed Change
T Black: KCBS Board Nepotism Policy.

Carol Whitebook: BOD Telephone/electronic technology accessibility

I would like to make the following motion as currently if you do not live in the KC area you are required to go a great distance and expense to participate in a Board meeting.

KCBS Member access to Board of Directors meeting:

KCBS has established a relationship of KCBS with its members, through communication and access to the Board of Directors. The following policy will provide all of its members, including out of State membership with, the same access as given to the members within the geographical area of the KCBS headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

This policy is intended to make additions to, and not replace or modify, the existing “Communication with the Board policy” of KCBS for in person attendance and the ability to speak at a Kansas City Board of Directors meeting.

Beginning immediately, any member, in good standing, may have access to the conference call system for all portions of the Board of Directors meeting excluding “executive session.” This can be done by making an advance payment, to the KCBS office, of the current average $10 rate for one line attending the Board of Directors meeting on Accuconference or our conference call provider.

Any member who has provided the required form to the Secretary to speak at the Board Meeting regarding an agenda item, or a general topic, shall be recognized at the appropriate time in the agenda, or at the beginning of the agenda item he/she has registered to speak regarding. The member will be allowed to address the board via the conference call system.

In addition, we respectfully authorize, and request, the Board of Directors technology support division to examine avenues of web, TV, or other communication system to listen to KCBS Board of Directors meetings at no charge.

Respectfully submitted and so moved.

Carol Whitebook <><
Kookers Kare Grant Application

Any other matter that may come before the Board
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