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Originally Posted by arlieque View Post
I understand all that as you know but lets face it a letter doesnt mean a thing. It is just a piece of paper and all it does is give KCBS a out to tell the teams , "Well we have a letter that guarantees that the contest has said it will pay." Can they make them pay if they don't?
My very first comp ended up that way.... they advertised paying through 10th place.... about a week before the event, we got an email saying that they were only going to pay through 3rd place, and if we wanted to drop out we could. We opted to stay. After arriving and setting up, we found out that the sanctioning had been pulled.... It took them over a month to pay the winners, and the GC had to work out a deal to get his.

So, the letter doesn't mean anything, like Arlie says.... just a piece of paper with words on it.
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