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The reason for the post in that way, is that KCBS requires a letter guaranteeing the prize money. Yes they do make the organizer to deliver prizes as advertises. But it is the Money when we have pulled sanctioning when changed. This has been the problem area. In addition it is a black hole to determine the value of prizes. Retail, list, wholesale, or what.

The sanctioning agreement provides:
4. Within 90 days of the contest date, I agree to submit to KCBS a list of
all prize monies and a letter guaranteeing payment of said money.
5. Guarantee and pay prize monies as published/advertised to at least 5
places plus a Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion.
This amount may not be reduced after sanctioning and advertising.

I agree it is important for users of the web to understand the difference.

The web listing is based upon the letter guaranteeing payment of money.


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