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Originally Posted by watertowerbbq View Post
are you aware that it is against the rules to only cook one fatty? just checking............
I concur.

The term fatty is reserved for talking about a recipe, a blueprint from which you could create many fatties, but this recipe is a fatty recipe. It can also be used for describing the preperation of an individual fatty, the rubbing of an individual fatty, placing a particular fatty on the smoker, taking hte temperature of a fatty, eating a fatty, or any other action that is performed to an individual sausage log which is being smoked.

When actually cooking them though, the correct terminology is fatties, because one is never enough. (see ABT's)

They can be any kind of sausage really, so long as it is not stuffed in a casing and is formed into a log. There is a fine line between fatty an meatloaf. Fatties would not have egg and breadcrumbs added to firm up the log, while meatloaf would. Just plain ground meat may or may not be called a fatty, but many may mistake it for a meatloaf. In some cases you really must use your best judgement.
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