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This expierement has inspired me. I have to do two buts for a church function this weekend. I think I am going to inject, slather and rub them both the same and then try and test the 140 degree hypothesis.

You know, the theory that once the meat reaches 140 degrees you don't get any more smoke penetration? I will start one in the oven and the other on the smoker and then when the oven butt reached 140, transfer it to the smoker.

This should be sufficient validation don't you think? Given both buts will be blended together for serving I should not have that much issue taste wise.

I also recall that there is one theory that you get no more smoke penetration after the first 3 hours. I may try this the next time I cook and start a butt in the oven and then add it to the smoker after 3 or 4 hours of cooking.
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