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Default Fatty Friday (dessert fatty pron)

Couldn't wait for tomorrow when I'm firing up the drum for a seven pound butt. So I whipped up a few fatties to get me by. Tried something new on one of them, how about a dessert fatty? I started with maple JD, added chopped apples, cheddar cheese, a big handful of dark brown sugar, one egg and a bit of bread crumbs. The finished product is pretty tasty but cooking was a pain, even after it was taken to almost frozen before cooking, it still wanted to fall through the grate. I ended up rolling it onto some foil til it firmed up. The other two are a mix of some big old fat bacon chunks that I rendered, some sauted onion and garlic, a bit of cheddar chunks, some more jack cheese, lots of my pork rub and a bit of my buddy T's steak dust. Also threw in an egg and some crumbs into these just to hold things together a bit. I've been mixing everything together lately rather than trying to stuff the middle. You never have a blow out and there's a bit of everything in every bite.

The goodies...

The dessert goodies, that's apple chunks mixed with cheddar cheese

Hey, that fat guy sure looks happy!

That kid looks happy too...

Dessert Fatty on the right

Another shot of dessert munchies...

Can you guess what we're having for breakfast???
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