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This evening I cleaned up my kettle grill real good, then lit up a chimney of cherry chunks. I dumped the chunks in the kettle and filled in with more cherry, and let it go with inlets open and lid off until they had burned down to coals. Then I put the lid on so the ashes wouldn't get blown around overnight. Tomorrow morning I should be able to get me some pure cherry wood ash.

Twenty four hours after putting the 4 pieces in brine, I took them out along with the other 4 pieces I quartered up last night. Here's what they looked like. The brined ones are the 4 on the left.

I bagged up 2 of the brined ones and put back in the fridge. Then I applied slather to the other 2 brined pieces, and to 2 of the plain pieces. Here's a photo after the slather. The 2 brined ones are on the left.

Then I applied rub to all 6 of these pieces. Even though I had blotted dry the brined pieces, they really took on a lot of rub, and I mean a whole lot. Here's a photo after the rub. The 2 on the left are the brined, slathered and rubbed, the middle 2 are slathered and rubbed, and the 2 on the right only have rub.

Hopefully I'll be able to provide updates tomorrow as the experiment progresses. It's a busy weekend though, so I may not be as timely as I would wish to be. I will take pictures though, and the results will get posted by Monday at the latest.
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