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Good questions on the meat temps. I plan on taking them straight from the fridge to the cookers, so 40 degrees. Really, the emat temps were seomthing I was more going to play with in another experiment at some future date. I was going to use frozen meat as well.

As for the differences between the meats in the oven and WSM's, my thinking was that the various meats in the WSM's should show if any clogging from rubs, slathers, mops or soot affect the smoke ring penetration. I don't expect the ones in the oven that do not have Tenderquick to get a smoke ring, so I didn't see a need to do a brined, slathered, rubbed and mopped one in the oven really. Just how I was thinking is all. I'm sure there's a million ways I could cook the meats, but I tried to keep it to a focused set that got the most bang for the buck.
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