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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
1. The smoke ring shows the depth of smoke penetration into the meat.
2. It is how to tell meat has really been smoked and not cooked in an oven.
3. It is formed by wood ash landing on the meat.
4. Stops forming after meat has been on for X number of hours.
5. Stops forming after meat has reached a certain temperature (usually 140 is what I hear).
6. Stops forming when the pathways in the meat become clogged (from rub and/or soot).
7. The smoke ring is what gives meat it's smoky flavor.
8. Cooking meat in a gas oven can form a smoke ring.
No idea.
Still not sure about that one.
Same as above.
Never heard that one.
No, unless it has nitrates on it?

Unsolicited, yes!
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